Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How awesome is our Lord!!

This makes me very emotional because I am just completely overwhelmed. The Lord has provided way more then my mind can comprehend. When I delivered Thomas neither Thomas or I had health insurance so we were excepting to get a large bill. That we did! Well I called the hospital to see if there was some kind of financial paperwork I could fill out to help lower the payment. There was!! So Tommy and I filled out all the necessary information and about 1 month later I received a letter in the mail from Roper St. Francis. Roper St. Francis said they were thankful to receive my request and that they would like to cover 100% of my bill along with Thomas's. That is $8,500.00 worth of medical bills paid for. Praise God!! I could do nothing but cry.... Could barely even tell Tommy over the phone. So anyway Thomas had his 9 month check up today and we still don't have insurance for him so we some money set aside to pay for this visit.

Well, I checked Thomas in and starting filling out his 9 month paperwork on what he is doing when the lady sitting at the counter asked me to please come here she had a couple of questions.

Nurse "Mrs. Martin did you fill out some financial paperwork at Roper?"

Me "Yes, when I delivered Thomas"

Nurse "Okay perfect. Well do you know that that same paperwork you filled out will cover all of his doctors appointments until April 2011."

Me "What?" Are you serious? So you mean to tell me I don't have to pay for any of his visits?

Nurse " No, ma'am he is covered"

Thank you Lord for always providing! Never could I have imagined this would happen!


Mandy Kimsey said...

That is so amazing... God is so faithful to us! That is awesome!

Jackie Miller said...

How he loves his own! You guys need to share that testimony at church! I know it would encourage people!

The Weeks Family said...

You don't know how much I needed to read this today. I just received the hospital bills for me and the baby. We do have insurance but a high deductible that we hadn't met yet. Then today we had an HVAC contractor come out because our a/c stopped working. Well, we received the "bargain" estimate of $5800 to repair it. I have been down all morning (even though I prayed and said that I gave it to God... apparently decided to mope about it a while). Anyway, this was so encouraging that I know it was God reminding me that He can work miracles when we least expect it! Thanks so much! Irene

Jenny G. said...

That is awesome!!! The Lord is so good! I'm glad to see Him at work in your lives.

jessie said...

oh my gosh Katie! that is awesome! Praise the Lord