Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Precious Gracie Girl

Our little lady had her 15 month check up on Friday. She is growing so much and I am just amazed at how much she is learning and how quickly she picks up on things. Tommy had to be at work early on Friday so I took Gracie and Thomas to the doctor by myself. Thankfully Thomas slept the whole time. I was afraid he would be awake and crying and Gracie would be crying after she got her shots and I would have to try and hold both of them to calm everyone down. Luckily I didn't have too.

As Gracie was being checked out by her doctor he was looking over all of the her measurements and was a little concerned with the circumference of her head. Yes, Gracie was born with a big head and at every doctors appointment it has been between the 95th and 100th percentile. But the last two appointments our doctor was concerned that the growth was not leveling out. So at this checkup he told me that her head was still getting bigger and that made him a little concerned that possible the flow of fluid around her brain was not flowing properly therefore making her head larger.

Now he was not 100% sure that there was a problem. So he suggested that maybe we wait 3 months and then if her growth is still increasing we need to have it checked out. Therefore, I went home and called Tommy to tell him about the appointment and what the doctor had to say. After thinking long and hard about it I really wasn't comfortable waiting 3 months to figure out if something was wrong. I called the doctor back and asked if we should just go ahead and have the scan done now instead a waiting. He agreed that would be fine. So, Gracie will be having a CT scan done sometime soon at MUSC and we really could use your prayers.

Tommy is very confident that nothing is wrong and that she just has her daddy's big head. Me on the other hand am nervous and just want everything to be fine with my precious Gracie.


jenny said...

We will stand with you in praying for her!

Chuck and Tammy said...
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Chuck and Tammy said...

hey Katie and Tommy,

Believe me Chuck and I know what your going through with what we had to deal with in Rebekah with her getting RSV when she was a month old the asthma after that.. and every year hospital visits and then not really knowing what was causing her breathing problems .... I feel for you and you all will be in our prayers! Just know that God is in control.
love you all :)
Chuck and Tammy

Russ said...

Russ and I will be praying you all! Love you guys!

k8 said...

We're praying for your sweet Gracie!