Friday, May 8, 2009

Beach Weather

Finally, beach season has come! I was so excited to take Gracie to the beach this year now that she is walking and loving being outside. Yesterday, Gracie and I went to Kiawah Beach and hung out just the girls. We played in the gullies which by the way was Gracie's favorite thing to do. Gracie talked to the seagulls and shared her Cheerios with them. Before I knew it we had a dozen seagulls with us. She also yelled NO NO at people walking by that didn't stop and say HI! She was too funny! She wouldn't allow me to keep a hat on her head so the little bit of hair she has looked like a grease pit with sunscreen. Here are a couple of beach pictures.

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Matt and Ashley said...

Awww. How fun! I can't wait to take Lilly to the beach. I love how kids can be wet and sandy and still have a great time :)