Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayer Request

My dear friend Katie had a really hard week last week. Her dad had a massive stroke last week on Wednesday while in Georgia with his son. He is only in his 50's and this was his second stroke but this time it was much worse. He has been in ICU for almost a week because he has experienced bleeding on the brain and is paralyzed on his entire left side. He like anyone who would be in his situation isn't taken this very well at all. Please keep their family in your prayers and believe that God is greater then what the doctor's have told him and he will heal!!!!


The Weeks Family said...

I will keep your friend in my prayers...I can so empathize with her. When my dad was 46, he suffered a massive stroke (also his 2nd, as well as having already had open heart surgery). He shouldn't have lived until the EMS came, but he did. He shouldn't be able to see or walk, but he does. Doctors told us his prognosis was grim. We gathered in the waiting room in a circle of prayer. An hour later, he could see, was asking for us and then asking to watch the Braves game (which REALLY was on at that time.) Today, he is 63. He has a minimal limp, has difficulty using his left hand and has some perifial (sp?) vision difficulties on his left side as well as minimal short term memory problems; however, he still pastors his church and is my wonderful, living, healthy daddy! I am praying for a complete healing for Katie's dad; but also, that however God chooses to answer the prayers of His people, that His glory will shine forth!

Jenny said...

Katie, I'm so sorry to hear that! I didn't know till this morning (finally getting online after the move). Sorry! We'll keep him in our prayers.