Friday, October 17, 2008

Hard Times

So the past few weeks have been quite difficult and we have been noticing that my milk supply has been slowly decreasing. My doctor put me on a medicine to help my milk supply and it did not work :( We were having to supplement with formula maybe once or twice a day until Wednesday this week my milk completely stopped. I was very upset not only because I couldn't feed my child like I was used too, now I don't have that bonding time her. She did okay for the few times we supplemented but as soon as formula was the only thing she was getting to drink she gave us a run for our money.

As you all know she has a small figure and we were concerned that maybe she wasn't getting enough breast milk and now we know she wasn't because mom wasn't making enough to fill her little belly. But as of yesterday she is now adjusted to formula and is taking the bottle very well. I must tell you that my husband was amazing. It has been really hard on me emotionally and very upsetting when I couldn't get her to eat for 5-6 hours straight. I was at a loss for what to do next and called the doctor at least 5 times crying, stressed out and asking what do I do my baby will not eat. But Tommy continued to encourage me and tell me things are going to be fine and Gracie will eat and we can not allow ourselves to get stressed out. So I am now proud of my Gracie girl who is eating wonderfully. :)

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The Weeks Family said...

Katie - you are such a beautiful young mom. While breast feeding is a wonderful way that God gave us to provide bonding and nutrition for our children, we sometimes have to accept that we need assistance! The same thing happened with Rebecca (also my first). She was a tee-tiny little thing and my milk supply just seemed to go away. We started her the formula and once I worked through my emotions and feelings of failure, I was able to thank God for the few months that I was able to have feeding her and rejoice in the fact that now I had help with the feeding and could get a little much-needed rest! I don't know why that some moms can breastfeed for a year or more and others (like us!) just get through the first few months...I just know that when we are seeking to provide for our children as God commanded, He works out the details for us!